I'll do the talking.

Our web site attracts a lot of users.


I miss Abraham's spirituality bookshop. It was so cozy with chairs with cushions.

Am I correct in assuming that you wish you hadn't done that?

It's a terrible thing.

If both Sanand and Patricia go to prison, who'll take care of their children?

Do you have any idea what that guy's name is?


She spends her leisure time making dolls.

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Caleb isn't that young anymore.

I'm sure Shyam understands what I mean.

Aren't you going to Dick's party?

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Boyce is getting frantic.

I want to buy a large sized refrigerator.

You should marry Dalton.


My sister asked Father to buy a new bicycle.

We've been looking for Tad.

He just naturally avoids everything that is intense, difficult or strenuous.


He complained that the room was too small.

We didn't know each other at the time.

The population of Hong Kong is in excess of seven million.

No one can escape.

In this society where everything is disposable, it is a virtue to use something until it wears out.

Who could refuse?

Miriamne withdrew three hundred thousand dollars from the bank to pay the ransom.

Do you know where my key is?

I thought they were unemployed.

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Have you read Cristina Jackson's book?

Lack of sleep was undermining her health.

They stared at Vince.

It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

You'd better call Tait up.

Raman claimed that her purse had been stolen.

What caused this to happen?

I think he just looked at me.

The doctor did everything he could.

A Mr. Jackson came to see you while you were out.

He paid $20 for the lipstick.


I cannot make Taninna laugh. She doesn't like my jokes.

Do you want to swap jobs?

We need to speak to them again.

Noemi had a lot of fun at the party.

Suu should just tell Orville he made a mistake.

If I were you, I'd ask him.

Timothy died in 2009.

This ground belongs to the school.

Give me another cup of tea.

We need this report by tomorrow.

Everyone hates me.

Donal has been accused of selling classified information.

I can't pass the test.


"Exterminate," said the Dalek.

I don't know what Lee thinks.

I don't like gambling.

You've got to help Tuan.

I'm sorry I didn't call sooner.

If the weather hadn't been bad, I would have started my journey.

The koala is an animal peculiar to Australia.

Did you know that mosquitoes have teeth?

Thanks for having us.

She must have been sick.

The village is on the side of the hill.


You can help me.

He stirs his tea before drinking it.

Why is it there?


Does anything exciting ever happen around here?

Boyd never changed.

I have no idea what Raja is talking about.

Look at those cattle.

Root went to Boston to study art.

I wonder if Larry will be at Kathleen's party tonight.

I won't discuss this with you or anyone else.

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I couldn't stop staring at Oscar.

Yesterday we did many things, today we're tired.

Portugal is not as close to France as Spain.


Julia wondered if Tahsin loved him as much as he loved her.

Make sure you don't forget to apologize.

I need to be in absolute control of everything around me all the time.

Jaime hired a new secretary.

He'll never figure out what it is.


Mr Shrek of the swamplands lived happily in the backwoods until an adventure came knocking at his door.


What's it you're trying to do?

For the sake of long-term interests, we have decided to sell the development department.

We're counting on you.

He had three sons.

They are impatient.

I hesitate to ask them to help.

Farouk is too short to reach the top shelf.

When did it occur?

He forgot to give back my dictionary.

Do you wear glasses?

You could've ruined everything.

Has she ever snored?

Jerald was trapped in the cave for three days.


That's not a question.

Maybe you should ask her.

Art doesn't know you're here, does he?


I'll get around to it.

You hate horror movies, don't you?

I thoroughly enjoyed that book.

Guillermo looked through the keyhole.

Walking is good exercise.


Give me the bottle.

I admire Kieran very much.

They furnished the house very luxuriously.

I'll see him again.

Huashi isn't going to listen to us.

I don't have all the answers.

It's really bothering me.

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I hope you'll find this office satisfactory.

The meal satisfied his hunger.

This movie has won great popularity.

We know that we are all people of one world.

I have always been interested in working in agriculture.


Aa, Aaaaa~~ It's about to leak.


I'm good to go now.

I lied every time Jerrie asked me about Kieran.

It's different now.

I don't think we have to go any further.

I wish there was something I could do.

I have a return ticket to Tokyo.

Anderson has a very large nose.

Donal still doesn't look too interested.

Willie can run the fastest in our class.


Jenny dances the samba.

Everybody has his merits and demerits.

You know I don't have a car.

I have a letter written by him.

Don't talk about Charlie.


She's going to the hospital.

Who can prevent it?

Are you sure we can count on Sri?

You don't speak English, do you?

Ping pressed the intercom button.

Don't be rough in speech.

Giving Loyd a bicycle was a good idea.

You're too nervous.

Shankar likes mystery.

I'll have Damon bring up some dinner for you.

Geoff changed into his uniform.

He is not such a mean fellow as will speak against other people.

We're the first ones to arrive.


It's not going to happen anytime soon.


I guess we should do what Donne asked us to do.

The village was dead after sunset.

We'll meet at my house.

This isn't an easy thing for Sally to do.

Herb doesn't speak French properly.

Could you come up here?

Please, I ask that you stay calm.

I feel like a beluga whale!

I studied in Boston for three years.

Finally, we arrived in England.

I spent last night at Bertrand's.

The suicide letter reads: "To my family, I am finally free. Love, Tracy."

Life is too short.

I want you where I can see you.

I hit the ball forcing it to roll down from the top of the hill.

He drove the car at eighty kilometers an hour.

You're a traitor.

Tickets are available online or at the door.

Why don't you tell them?

Potatoes give me wind.

Your problem's not with me.

Not being heard is no reason for silence.

We've been sitting here for thirty minutes.

These men are used to hard work.

Are you with us, Hugh?

Everyone laughs at someone who makes a mistake.

Get a real job.

You can't smoke in school.

He welcomed his fellow worker into his home.

Do you plan to join us for a drink afterwards?

The college accepted him as a student.

The man is driving a car.

Whether you like it or not doesn't matter.